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Alexis Fort lives in the heart of Paris with his family. He is well acquainted with the beauty, cosmetic and organic industries. He managed for many years a family owned company, known as one of the world’s foremost organic pioneers for more than 40 years.


Always fascinated by Parisian women, their style, their elegance, their inconsistency and their beauty, it is during a dinner in his apartment that he was inspired.

Les Poulettes Paris l'esprit de Paris


His wife’s friends ring the bell and enter in their apartment: “Hi, les poulettes! “.
In his living room, surrounded by the friends of his wife, an extraordinary picture takes shape: a real demonstration of the personality and quintessence of the Parisian.


Indepedent and yet so close, they have this indescribable “chic” and the subtle art of always being natural.
They are overwhelmed: job, deadlines, children to manage, babysitter, husbands or boyfriends, shopping, decorating the house, parties between girlfriends, exhibitons, and vacations…
They master the art of juggling their schedule. They complain but still manage to maintain a good balance. They say they are exhausted but remain mysteriously so radiant. It’s as though they never have a moment for themselves and yet their red lips are always perfectly highlighted.

Histoire de la marque Les Poulettes


They know how to stay refined even when they swear and get angry. They ride their bikes in stilettos. They appreciate wine and champagne, sometimes excessively, but always detox the next day. They love macaroons and test all the latest fashionable restaurants but run in the neighborhood park every week.
They only buy organic but keep some small little fads.


They say they make fun of these first little wrinkles that appear in the corners of their eyes but all have incredible beauty regimen. Magic creams and the latest fashionable treatments make them radiant and seductive, even under Paris’ grey sky.


The Parisian, excessive and assertive, relies on her innate knowledge of what is « neither too much nor not enough ». She is « a little provocative, a little sexy, a little extravagant, but never too much of either ».

Les dix commandements des Poulettes
During this dinner, Alexis decides to capture « The Parisian Spirit » in a cosmetic brand inspired by them, and that looks like them.
The brand will be called « Les Poulettes », a true dedication and ode to these Parisian women, and a nod to this little affective nickname they give each other.
« Thank you to Florence, my wife, and her friends, Emma, ​​Margot, Sarah, Clara and Chloe, my inspiration that night. You have allowed me to witness your evening and capture some of what makes you unique. You have been, without knowing it, my muses! »
Alexis Fort